Attending World Economic Forum 2024: A Regent Group Milestone in Davos

London, UK

Attending World Economic Forum 2024 A Regent Group Milestone in Davos_

I am thrilled to announce my invitation to the prestigious World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting 2024 in Davos, Switzerland. This honour reflects not just a personal achievement but marks a significant landmark for Regent Group in the fields of education, economy, and investment.


At Regent Group, we champion the transformative power of education. It’s not just about creating skilled professionals; it’s about cultivating individuals with strong, ethical character. Our invitation to Davos, “a testament to our enduring commitment to these values, marks the beginning of our yearly participation in these vital global discussions.


The WEF 2024, focusing on critical topics like economic growth, environmental sustainability, and technological innovation, resonates with our mission, especially in the context of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our involvement in Davos is a unique opportunity to shape and contribute to these conversations, particularly regarding AI’s role in education and ethical economy.


Regent Group’s advancements in the investment sector, particularly in ed-tech and AI, align with the WEF’s agenda. Our initiatives blend technology with traditional learning, fostering accessible, efficient, and personalized education. This approach mirrors the WEF’s focus on AI’s potential to enhance societal outcomes, including education.


Moreover, the forum is a platform for us to share how education impacts economic development and investment strategies. We emphasize character development and ethical grounding, essential for cultivating responsible leaders and entrepreneurs who positively influence the global economy.


In summary, my participation in the WEF Annual Meeting 2024 is not only an acknowledgement of Regent Group’s achievements but also an avenue to engage in significant dialogues about education’s role in shaping the global economic landscape.


Dr. Selva Pankaj