Business, Education & Technology

Philanthropic Endeavours of
Dr. Selva Pankaj

Philanthropy, to me, is not just about donations; it’s about being actively involved and making a tangible impact. Each initiative and every effort is a step towards a vision where every individual, irrespective of their background, has the opportunity to thrive and contribute to the global community.

Leadership in Youth Empowerment

Duke of Edinburgh’s International

As the Chair of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Sustainability 70 Steering Group, my role extends beyond mere oversight. It involves actively shaping initiatives that empower young individuals worldwide, enabling them to realize their potential and contribute positively to their communities. This role complements my mission in Regent Group, where we strive to unlock human natural intelligence in the young minds.

Driving Societal Progress

Advocating for Community and Global Well-being

My involvement with the Founder’s 100 Campaign, along with being a patron of the Prince’s Trust and British Asian Trust, is a reflection of my belief in collective action for societal betterment. The Regent Global Unity Forum, which I co-founded, further exemplifies our commitment to addressing global challenges through unified efforts.

Global Unity Dinner

Educational Philanthropy and Innovation

Support for Education and Innovation

Aligning with my professional focus, my philanthropic activities often center around educational initiatives. From supporting underprivileged students to fostering educational technology innovations, these efforts aim to provide equitable learning opportunities and harness technology for societal advancement.

Collaborate and Make a Difference

I invite you to join us in these philanthropic endeavors. Whether it’s through direct participation, spreading awareness, or supporting our causes, every action counts towards building a more inclusive and caring world.