Professional Achievements of Dr. Selva Pankaj

A Journey of Innovation and Leadership

Chairman and Co-Founder (Jan 2009 - Present)

Regent Group UK

Leading Regent Group with a focus on incorporating technology in education. Spearheaded the first VR classroom in central London, aiming to position Regent Group as a global leader in technology-enabled education, embracing the metaverse and Web 3.0.

Vice President (Jun 2006 - Jan 2009)

Fortress Investment Group

Oversaw major capital raises and implemented key systems across Europe. Played a crucial role in re-structuring tax frameworks and managing significant real estate acquisitions and sales.

Deputy Finance Director (Jan 1995 - Jun 2004)

Prudential Financial

Led the finance team in property fund management and was pivotal in system implementations and off-shore fund migrations, demonstrating leadership in financial strategies and operations.


These summaries highlight Dr. Pankaj’s strategic leadership, innovative approach to education, and significant contributions to financial and operational excellence.