Dr. Selva Pankaj

Publications: Unveiling Success & Self-Fulfilment

Publications: Unveiling Success & Self-Fulfilment


Dr Selva Pankaj

As an author, Dr. Selva Pankaj brings a wealth of experience from founding Regent Group, showcasing his deep understanding of human potential and behavior. Influenced by notable figures like Professor Clayton Christensen, Bob Proctor, Napoleon Hill, and Andrew Carnegie, Dr. Pankaj’s writings offer insights into achieving personal and professional success. His passion for learning and development shines through his work, making him a distinguished voice in the fields of education and personal growth.

Thinking into Character

Thinking into Character” by Dr. Selva Pankaj provides a unique methodology for achieving success and self-fulfilment by doing certain things in specific ways daily.


The book offers insight into how character development intertwined with personal goals can lead to a successful and fulfilling life, advocating for an inside-out approach to education.


With a foreword by Bob Proctor, it emphasises the importance of aligning one’s character with their aspirations.

The Power of Learning from Dad

“The Power of Learning from Dad” by Dr. Selva Pankaj is a profound exploration of success, interweaving personal narratives with theoretical insights.


Inspired by his father’s teachings and conversations with Professor Clayton M. Christensen, Dr. Pankaj delves into the essence of achieving success through desire, attitude, and decision-making.


This book offers a unique blend of memoir and motivational guidance, highlighting the pivotal role of mindset in overcoming challenges and achieving greatness. It’s a testament to the transformative power of learning from life’s greatest mentors—our parents.