Leading the DofE International Award's Sustainable Future: SG70's Vision

11th January 2024. London, UK.

This week marks a significant milestone for the Duke of Edinburgh’s (DofE) International Award, as the Sustainability 70 Steering Group (SG70) convenes for its inaugural meeting. It is an honour to serve as the chair of this vital initiative, a role I embraced last year with a deep sense of responsibility and anticipation.


Our mission in SG70 is pivotal: ensuring the financial sustainability and thriving future of the International Award by its 70th anniversary in 2026. But our vision extends even further, looking ahead to the centenary of this prestigious award.


Since its inception in 1956, the DofE has been a beacon of empowerment for young people worldwide. It has fostered an environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds learn new skills, conquer challenges, and develop invaluable qualities like confidence and resilience. The launch of the DofE International Award in 1988 amplified this impact globally, touching the lives of millions across over 130 countries and territories. Our goal is to expand these transformative opportunities to countless more.


For Tharshiny and me, co-CEOs of Regent Group and members of SG70, this task resonates deeply with our commitment to shaping the leaders of tomorrow. The DofE International Award, with its unique focus on non-formal education and values championed by the late Duke of Edinburgh, HRH Prince Philip, aligns perfectly with our belief at Regent Group: the true outcome of education lies in character development. This award uniquely provides young people with a breadth of experiences and opportunities that are highly valued in the business world and beyond.


I eagerly anticipate sharing our accomplishments and the strides we make in securing the future of the DofE International Award.


Dr Selva Pankaj