A Heartfelt Evening at the 6th Esharelife Annual Gala Dinner

London, UK – Dr. Selva Pankaj shares his heartfelt experience at the 6th Esharelife Annual Gala Dinner, emphasising the importance of educational support and collective efforts in empowering young lives.

Grand Cav Uff Prof Maurizio Bragagni Esq OBE

It was a privilege to be part of the 6th Esharelife Annual Gala Dinner, which radiated with compassion and a shared commitment to making a difference. On that evening at the In & Out Naval Military Club in London, Tharshiny and I joined a community of Ambassadors, Patrons, and Supporters dedicated to Esharelife’s mission.

Celebrating Educational Empowerment

This year’s Gala, pivotal in supporting Esharelife’s partnership with AVSI Kenya, was a testament to the collective efforts of individuals committed to fostering educational opportunities. As someone deeply invested in the power of education through my work with Regent Group, I found the evening particularly resonant.

Gratitude and Collaboration

I extend my heartfelt thanks to Grand Cav Uff Prof Maurizio Bragagni Esq OBE, the Founder & Chairman of the Esharelife Foundation, and all the dignitaries and attendees who made the event a success. Their dedication to “sharing their life” and giving back to society aligns closely with my personal and professional ethos.

Insights and Inspirations

The insightful discussions around education, especially the remarks made by distinguished guests like the Chancellor of Exchequer Grand Cav Uff, The Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, and the Ambassador of Honduras to the UK, HE Mr Ivan Romero-Martinez, reinforced the crucial role of education in societal progress.

Esharelife’s Impactful Work

Hearing about the initiatives in Kenya from Esharelife Ambassador Cav Lubov Chernukhin and Mr. Antonino Masuri, AVSI Project Manager, was particularly moving. Their efforts in improving access to education and essential resources are vital in shaping a brighter future for these children.

Our Continued Commitment

As Patrons of Esharelife, Tharshiny and I remain dedicated to supporting such invaluable initiatives. Our involvement in the educational sector through Regent Group has always been about more than just imparting knowledge – it’s about empowering lives. We are proud to contribute to Esharelife’s efforts to provide a better future for children in Kenya.

A United Effort

The success of the Esharelife Gala Dinner and the generosity of all who contributed is a powerful reminder of what we can achieve together. The funds raised will support children in 11 schools in Kenya, ensuring another year of education and growth.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to everyone involved. Your commitment to making a difference is truly inspiring.