Spearheading Educational Dialogue in the Blue Room

Manchester, UK – The Prime Minister’s emphasis on education as a national priority and our sponsorship comes at a pivotal time for Regent Group as we sponsored the Blue Room at the 2023 Conservative Party Conference held in Manchester.

As a visionary leader in education, investment, and property management, Dr. Selva Pankaj’s commitment to fostering essential discussions on national issues was prominently showcased through our recent sponsorship of the Blue Room at a major conference.


Why the Blue Room?

The Blue Room, a crucial hub within the conference, serves as an exclusive arena where policymakers, thought leaders, and industry experts convene for deep discussions about the nation’s future. Dr. Selva Pankaj’s presence and our sponsorship positioned him and Regent Group at the forefront of these influential conversations, especially in areas central to our mission – education and societal progress.


A Platform for Change Under Dr. Pankaj’s Leadership

Aligned with the national emphasis on education, our involvement in the Blue Room became a pivotal platform to highlight Dr. Pankaj’s innovative ideas and Regent Group’s latest educational initiatives. His participation in various speaking engagements and interactive sessions provided attendees a glimpse into how we, under Dr. Pankaj’s guidance, are pioneering educational transformation to forge a brighter, more equitable future globally.


After engaging with Dr. Pankaj in the Blue Room, Stephen James, an award-winning educator, remarked, “The conversation with Dr. Selva Pankaj was enlightening. His dynamic enthusiasm for education is not only inspiring but also influential, resonating deeply with key figures like the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for Education. Dr. Pankaj’s insights, particularly about the ‘Thinking into Character’ program, demonstrate his profound dedication to nurturing the potential of the younger generation.”


Facilitating Conversations for Change

Under Dr. Pankaj’s leadership, Regent Group leveraged its presence in the Blue Room to address direct impacts on the British public in education, healthcare, and social responsibility. Through panels and interviews, Dr. Pankaj steered conversations towards societal advancement, underscoring the necessity of collaborative efforts from both private and public sectors.


Looking Ahead with Dr. Pankaj’s Vision

With education as a focal point in national discourse, Dr. Pankaj reaffirms Regent Group’s commitment to active involvement in the political landscape. Recognizing the critical role of educational leaders like Dr. Pankaj in policy development, we are excited about future prospects to blend our passion and expertise in education into these crucial national dialogues.