Dr. Selva Pankaj Assumes Chairmanship of The Duke of Edinburgh’s SG70 Sustainability Group

London, UK – Regent Group is Proud to Announce a New Milestone.

It is with a profound sense of responsibility and gratitude that I, share my appointment as the Chair of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Sustainability 70 Steering Group (SG70). Alongside me, joining in this impactful endeavour, is my wife and partner in vision, Tharshiny Pankaj. This role is not just an honour but a reflection of our collective dedication at Regent Group to nurturing future leaders and making a positive global impact.


The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award: A Beacon for Emerging Leaders

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award stands as a monumental program in non-formal education, reaching across 130 countries. It uniquely acknowledges the accomplishments of young individuals beyond academic achievements. Through this initiative, countless youths have unearthed their potential, contributing positively to their communities and the wider world.


Embracing a Vision of Inclusive Growth

This award resonates deeply with our ethos at Regent Group. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Foundation’s goal to engage 1% of the global youth population by 2023 mirrors our ambition for inclusive and widespread educational impact. We aim to involve 7.9 million young people, significantly expanding current participation and breaking new ground in inclusivity. The focus on involving 20% of participants from at-risk and marginalised communities aligns with our belief that education should be a transformative experience for all.


Steering Towards a Sustainable Future

As Chair of SG70, I am eager to contribute our strengths and insights to this noble cause. “This role is a commitment to empower young minds, inspiring them to recognise their potential and shape a better world,” I reflect. “The journey ahead is filled with promise, and we are devoted to making a meaningful difference.”


At Regent College London, we see this appointment as a reaffirmation of our values – integrity, authenticity, and a deep-rooted sense of social responsibility. We are excited to embark on this path and invite you to join us in our endeavour to forge a more equitable and sustainable future for the coming generations.