Appointed to British Veteran Owned Advisory Board

Dr. Selva Pankaj's Dedication to Veteran Entrepreneurs with British Veteran Owned

London, UK

I am thrilled to announce my recent appointment to the advisory board of British Veteran Owned, an esteemed organisation dedicated to supporting veteran entrepreneurship and community contribution. This significant role represents more than a position; it embodies my deep-seated commitment to education, service, and societal contribution, aligning perfectly with the values of British Veteran Owned.


My Path to British Veteran Owned

Since arriving in the United Kingdom with high aspirations and a resolve to make a meaningful impact, my journey has been one of considerable growth, both personally and professionally. Starting in the finance sector, I quickly realised my passion lay in the field of education, leading to the establishment of Regent Independent College alongside Tharshiny. This venture was a pivotal moment, marking the beginning of a lifelong dedication to the transformative power of education.


Advocating for Educational and Entrepreneurial Excellence

The transition to education was a major turning point, signifying my dedication to shaping future generations. Leading Regent Group and observing the profound effect of education on individuals’ lives has been both humbling and rewarding. It has reinforced my belief in the significance of impacting others positively, a principle also central to British Veteran Owned.


Commitment to Service through British Veteran Owned

Working with British Veteran Owned has deepened my appreciation for the concept of service. Veterans, known for their exceptional discipline and dedication, have vast potential to contribute to society post-service. Facilitating their entrepreneurship journey is a way to honour their sacrifices and celebrate their future societal contributions.


A Unified Call to Action

As we move forward, it’s essential to focus not only on individual achievements but also on the legacy we aim to leave. British Veteran Owned’s ethos of ‘service before self’ inspires us to contribute to the greater good. My role is to amplify this message, encouraging collective support for veterans transitioning to entrepreneurship, guided by the values of British Veteran Owned.


In closing, my appointment to the advisory board is not a reflection of personal success but a call to action for us all to support those who have served our nation. Let’s work together to assist these veterans as they embark on their entrepreneurial journeys, in line with the ethos of British Veteran Owned.

Thank you for your support,


Dr. Selva Pankaj