Celebrating Commonwealth Day 2024

Embracing a Connected Digital Future

London, UK

Celebrating Commonwealth Day with Regent Group - A vision of a connected digital future through education and technology.

Commonwealth Day is always a joyous occasion for me and my family. My wife and business partner, Tharshiny, and I are both proud British citizens who came to one Commonwealth country (the UK) from another (Sri Lanka) as young people fleeing civil war. We’re acutely aware of the opportunities and strengths that the Commonwealth provides.


This year’s Commonwealth Day theme is ‘One Resilient Common Future: Transforming Our Common Wealth,’ a vision I wholeheartedly support. It invites us to unlock our potential, leverage the Commonwealth advantage, and build a connected, digital Commonwealth. Working with other Commonwealth members enriches us all, while technology enables us to connect and create new opportunities.


I’m proud that the vision we have for Regent Group aligns with these aims in many ways. We are a global organisation, but our partnerships with fellow Commonwealth members are important: India is a key part of our vision for Regent Group, and in Sri Lanka, we’re supporting the government’s aspiration to open an International Climate Change University and planning a Regent university.


Making the most of emerging technologies is key to our business: we set up the first VR classroom for teaching in central London; we offer students the option to learn online or in person and have plans for several digital universities. Our aim is for Regent Group to be a leading global technology-enabled education provider fuelled by the metaverse and Web 3.0.


Commonwealth Day invites us to come together, to recognise that we have more in common than differences, a sentiment Tharshiny and I fully embrace. The Global Unity Forum we set up to encourage peace promotes harmony, unity, and commonality between individuals.


Commonwealth Day offers a positive message and hope for all of us in a world where disharmony is sadly too common.


Regent Group is proud to be part of it.

Dr. Selva Pankaj