Preparing for a Bright Future with Artificial and Natural Intelligence

Explore how the synergy of Artificial and Natural Intelligence can revolutionise the workforce and education.

London, UK

I am passionate about the transformative potential of technology. It has the power to revolutionise how we work, driving businesses and society to unprecedented levels of achievement. Artificial Intelligence (AI) represents one of the most thrilling advancements in this sphere. The UK government’s recent announcement, on focusing on leveraging AI’s potential, is highly commendable. This initiative includes a comprehensive survey of employers across various sectors to gauge the UK’s AI skill requirements. Additionally, the government unveiled an AI Upskilling Fund pilot scheme alongside £1bn in funding. These efforts aim to position the UK as a leader in cultivating a highly skilled, technologically adept workforce.

Regent Group has consistently been at the forefront of incorporating technology into education. This includes establishing the first Virtual Reality (VR) classroom in central London. The upcoming Regent universities will emphasise digital delivery, using cutting-edge technology to offer students unparalleled flexibility. While technology plays a crucial role, Regent Group also cherishes the power of character and the unmatched potential of human Natural Intelligence™ (NI).

The pace of global change is accelerating. Anticipating the future of our jobs and business operations over the next five, ten, and twenty years is imperative. In the era of AI advancement, it’s vital to harness human potential fully, balancing Artificial and Natural Intelligence. Integrating NI with technologies like AI empowers us to approach the future with optimism. The government’s focus on involving employers in upskilling initiatives is a significant step towards maximising the benefits AI and NI offer both businesses and individuals.

Dr Selva Pankaj